• The Country Club can support parking for multiple buses and trailers in the rear parking lot
  • No bus power.
  • Security/Police for bus area based on show requirements.


  • Load-in located in the rear of the club.
  • loading dock has direct access to “Artist” VIP and backstage.
  • loaders and stagehands based on show requirements.


  • 35ft long, 20ft deep, 3ft tall, 10ft from stage to ceiling.
  • Drum riser: 8ft x 8ft. (Center stage)
  • Backdrop: 35ft long, 10ft tall.
  • Barricades provided based on show requirements.


  • Based on contract requirements The Country Club provides a private secure production office with wireless internet, desk, chairs, phone etc.


  • Private VIP/Backstage area available and provided based on show requirements.
  • GREEN ROOM: (One) Small private change room available.
  • NO private bathrooms available for “Artist” or crew.


  • Midas M32 front of house mixer.
  • Midas DL32 stage box.
  • 8x Clair Brothers P4 Mains. (Flown from ceiling).
  • 8x OAP Double 18 Subs. (Mounted under stage).
  • 3x Lab Gruppen FP10000Q Power Amps.
  • 3x BSS 356 Omnidrive Processors.
  • 6x Showco BFM 600 (Monitor Wedges).
  • 3x XTA Processors.
  • 3x QSC RMX 1850 (hi) Power Amps.
  • 3x QSC RMX 2450 (lo) Power Amps.
  • CAT 5 internet.
  • High speed wireless internet.


  • GRETSCH, Brooklyn Series drum kit. 10,12,14,16.
  • AMPEG SVT 8x10E bass cab.
  • AMPEG SVT 4pro head.
  • Galaxy Audio AS-1400-wireless in-ear personal monitor system.
  • SHURE-SM58
  • SHURE-SM57
  • SHURE-PG Series
  • AUDIX-D6 kick drum mic.