We’re delighted about the growing number of Country Club line dancers. As the floor gets more crowded, it’s even more important to remember a few rules of “floor craft” and dance etiquette.

To help guests enjoy The Country Club lifestyle, free line dancing lessons are taught most Friday and Saturday’s from 7-9 p.m. on the CSRA’s biggest and best dance floor. Make sure you check the website weekly for up and coming concerts and drink specials.

  • Ask lots of people to dance, including those more experienced than you and those just learning.
  • Decide who’s going to lead before you get on the dance floor, and once you’re there get going quickly.
  • Leaders – look where you are going, and be prepared for the unexpected. Leaders are responsible for protecting their partners. Remember it’s always the leader’s fault.
  • Dance in a counter-clockwise direction around the floor. Faster dancers on the outside of the circle, slower dancers toward the center of the room. Stationary (e.g. swing) or line dances in the middle of the floor. If a song is a standard Country Club line dance, line dancers have first dibs on the floor space, even if it goes into the dance lanes.
  • Do not loiter, stand or block traffic on the dance floor. If you are not dancing, no part of your body should be in or on the dance floor space.
  • Leave your drinks on tables, not on the floor or in your hand as you dance


We Offer Lessons!